What is the Diagnosis?

Qual o Diagnóstico?

  • Jose Mario Baggio Junior
  • Joubert Ariel Pereira Mosquera
  • Ewandro Luiz Rey Moura
  • Luis Gustavo Ferreira Gomes
  • Wagner Luis Gali
  • Alvaro Valentim Lima Sarabanda


Patient OG, 62 years, with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy in the right ventricle and low-tolerated sustained tachycardia, user of an implantable ventricular single-chamber cardiovascular defibrillator (ICD), returned asymptomatic for routine evaluation. Th ere was no registry of sustained arrhythmia, and the limits of stimulation and sensitivity were checked and were appropriate. However, facing the device’s telemetry, it was detected lack of sensitivity in a ventricular extra-systole.


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Baggio Junior, J. M., Mosquera, J. A. P., Moura, E. L. R., Gomes, L. G. F., Gali, W. L., & Sarabanda, A. V. L. (2019). What is the Diagnosis?. JOURNAL OF CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS, 32(2), 127-130. Retrieved from https://jca.org.br/jca/article/view/36
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