Secondary prevention of sudden cardiac death in chronic chagasic cardiopathy and near-normal ventricular function


  • Frederico Homem da Silva
  • Marcelo Carrijo Franco
  • Petrônio Rangel Salvador Júnior
  • Elias Esber Kanaan
  • Daniela Diniz do Nascimento Rangel


Chagas Cardiomyopathy, Death, Sudden/prevention & control, Syncope


Introduction: Chronic chagasic cardiopathy (CCC) encompasses a complex spectrum of presentations, and episodes of arrhythmic death in patients with preserved left ventricular (PLVF) or near normal (VFNN) are not uncommon. Methods: Retrospective evaluation of 7 patients with PLVF, submitted for implantation of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) due to tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation (VT / VF). Clinical, structural and electrocardiographic evaluations were
performed. Results: Mean age was 57.5±4.45 years. Male sex comprised 71.4%. Left ventricular function (LVF) was 56.14%±4.45 with contractile changes in 100% and lower hypokinesia in 85.7%. Functional class I was evidenced in 100% without changes in follow-up. The Rassi score evaluated before the event was 4.85±0.89. Syncope was the initial presentation in 100%, average of 2 episodes per patient and interval of 4 weeks between them. Electrocardiogram showed alterations in 85.71% being right bundle branch block. Sustained VT was evidenced
in 100%; epicardial site in 71.42% and left ventricular anterolateral outlet in 57.14%. The sequential LVF was 54%±3.31; without new contractile changes. Amiodarone and beta-blockers were the drugs used. Appropriate therapies occurred in 100%; average of 2.1 shocks per
patient with 52.63% of the records in the first 14 months. There were no deaths, inappropriate therapies or electrical storm. Conclusion: The high number of therapies corroborates the arrhythmic risk of this population, ratifies the importance of the device and disputes the effectiveness of clinical therapy. Syncope may be associated with an increased risk of arrhythmic events in CCC.


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